David Pearce is Professor of Environmental Economics at UCL. In the summer 2000 Queen's Honours List he was awarded the O.B.E for services to sustainable development. He has recently been awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Science at the University of East Anglia. He is currently working on a monograph on the UK experience with market based instruments (with Dieter Helm of New College, Oxford) and a major textbook on development and environment.

E-mail: d.pearce@ucl.ac.uk





Timothy Swanson is professor of Law & Economics at UCL with teaching responsibilities on MSc in Environmental and Resource Economics and MSc in Public Policy. His research interests focus on the areas of Law & Economics, Environmental and Resource Economics, Growth and Development, Regulation.

 E-mail: tim.swanson@ucl.ac.uk

Research Fellows (in alphabetical order)


Camille Bann is a research fellow at CSERGE and a PhD candidate in the UCL Economics department. Camille has many years of work experience in developing countries, particularly in Southeast Asia (Cambodia, Viet Nam and Malaysia) working withGovernments, NGOs and International Organisations. Her particular field ofinterest is the economic valuation of natural resources (tropical forest,mangroves and coral reefs). She has also designed and implemented a number of training workshops in CBA and the valuation of non-marketed goods andservices.

E-mail: cabann@aol.com





Ekin Birol is a research fellow at CSERGE and a PhD student in the Department of Economics, UCL. Her research interests are environmental and resource economics; economic development and growth; economics of innovation and technology; and microeconomic theory.  Ekin’s work focuses principally on issues related to agricultural growth, development and policy. Projects she is currently working on include evaluating the use of public subsidies to farmers growing landraces and old cultivars in Finland, and the development of in situ conservation of agricultural biodiversity on-farm in Hungary. Ekin is also teaching graduate classes in environmental economics at UCL’s Department of Economics.

E-mail: e.birol@ucl.ac.uk





Brett Day is a senior research fellow at CSERGE and lectures on the undergraduate environmental economics course at University College London. Brett’s principal research interest is in the field of non-market valuation through the use of expressed and revealed preference techniques. Much of his current research focuses on refining the theoretical basis of non-market valuation and advancing the econometric techniques used in the analysis of valuation data sets. This subject forms the core of his PhD research. His wider research interests include forest economics, on which he has prepared reports for both the World Bank and the World Commission for Forests and Sustainable Development, and ecotourism where he has worked extensively in South Africa and also undertaken projects in Ethiopia and Kenya.

E-mail: brett.day@ucl.ac.uk





Ben Groom is a research fellow at the Centre for Social and Economic Research for the Global Environment (CSERGE) and has recently completed the first year of his Ph.D. at the Department of Economics at University College London (UCL). His research interests are broadly environmental and resource economics, in particular water resources. He is currently a member of the CSERGE water resources research group, which focuses on economic aspects of water resource management. His main experience has been in Southern African and eastern bloc countries. He has worked as a water economist as part of the Overseas Development Institute Fellowship scheme for the Government of the Republic of Namibia, as a research assistant for the Natal Parks Board in South Africa, and as a consultant to the World Bank in Kosovo. His current work is for the EU funded Cyprus Integrated Water Management project, papers from which have been presented at the Cyprus Water Resources Symposium of September 2000 and the Annual conference of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists of June 2001.

E-mail:  uctpben@ucl.ac.uk





Dr. Andreas Kontoleon a Lecturer at the Department of Land Economy at the University of Cambridge (since Fall 2003) and a Research Fellow at the CSERGE-Economics (since 1998). His main research interests focus on issues of applied welfare economics, on economic valuation of natural and cultural resources and philosophical issues in environmental economics. He has taught graduate classes in Environmental Economics at UCL as well as graduate micro-econometrics at the University of Cambridge. He has worked for numerous institutions including the European Commission, the China Council for International Cooperation on the Environment and Development, and the World Bank and has participated in a wide range of environmental valuation projects that primarily investigated the nature and the magnitude of so called non-use values. These include studies on non-use values for wildlife, aquatic ecosystems and built cultural heritage.

E-mail: a.kontoleon@ucl.ac.uk

Web-Site: http://www.cserge.ucl.ac.uk/Kontoleon.html






Dr. Phoebe Koundouri (PHD, MSC, MPHIL, BA) is a Lecturer in the Department of Economics, University of Reading, UK and a Visiting Lecturer in the Department of Economics, University College London, UK. She is also a Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Economics, University College London and the Co-ordinator of the research group on water economics in CSERGE/Economics (Centre for Social and Economic Research for the Global Environment), University College London. She is the organiser of the seminar series on the “Environmental and Resource Economics'' at the Department of Economics, University College London. In the past she was an economics teaching fellow in various colleges of the University of Cambridge and a research associated in the Department of Applied Economics, University of Cambridge and Cambridge Econometrics. Her PhD thesis on “Three Approaches to Measuring Natural Resource Scarcity: Theory and Application to Groundwater'' was awarded by the Faculty of Economics and Politics, University of Cambridge in 2000. She has published in the area of environmental economics and in the broader area of theoretical and applied microeconomics. She has contributed in a number of edited academic volumes on groundwater economics and she has co-authored a book on “Methodology for Sustainable Integrated Water Management''. In 2000, she has organised the “International Symposium on Water Resource Management - Efficiency, Equity and Policy'', which gathered all leading water economists of the world. Moreover, she has organised a number of multidisciplinary international workshops on integrated water management and has been a member of the organising committee of the annual conference of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economics. She has presented papers in many academic conferences focusing on environmental economics, microeconomics and econometrics. She has worked for the European Commission as a water expert and she has co-ordinated and participated in a number of EC funded research projects on integrated water management. She has also worked as an academic consultant for the World Health Organisation (WHO), the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) and the World Bank.

E-mail: p.koundouri@reading.ac.uk

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Wolf Krug is a research fellow at CSERGE and is currently completing his Ph.D. on the recreational value of protected areas in Namibia at the Department of Economics at University College London. His research interests include: economic and financial issues of biodiversity conservation, demand for nature tourism, pricing of game parks, private sector investments in conservation, and markets for wildlife resources in Africa. Wolf collaborates with the Namibian Ministry of Environment and Tourism and is currently working on a review of the private supply of protected land in southern Africa for the OECD.

E-mail: w.krug@ucl.ac.uk





David Maddison is an Associate Lecturer at UCL and an Assistant Professor at the University of Hamburg. His current research interests include (i) the amenity value of climate and climate change, (ii) quantifying and valuing the health impacts of air pollution (iii) managing historical landscapes threatened by infrastructure developments and (iv) cultural economics. He is director of the Centre for Cultural Economics and Management (CCEM). Work currently underway includes an empirical study of links between air pollution and mortality for Santiago, a study of visitor congestion in the British Museum and a hedonic analysis of the impacts of the Mafia on economic welfare in Italy.

E-mail: d.maddison@ucl.ac.uk or maddison@dkrz.de





Charles Palmer is a research fellow at CSERGE, joining in March 2001 after completing his Masters in Environmental and Resource Economics at UCL in 2000. He has been working with Professor Pearce on environmental expenditure on behalf of the Institute for Fiscal Studies and is currently working on a contingent valuation study to measure the disamenity value of electricity pylons on both urban and rural landscapes. Charlie’s dissertation on the extent and causes of illegal logging in Indonesia reflects his interests in the natural world following his first degree in biology from Oxford, and has been turned into a CSERGE Working Paper.

E-mail: c.palmer@ucl.ac.uk





Marilena Pollicino is doing her second Ph.D at UCL, between the Institute of Archaeology and the Department of Economics on non-market valuation methods for assessing policy options and managing cultural assets. She collaborates with the CCEM (Centre of Cultural Economics and Management), and also with the Department of Economics, Laboratory of Political Economy F.Caffe at the University of Messina in Italy.

E-mail: m.pollicino@ucl.ac.uk





Roger Salmons is a Senior Research Fellow at CSERGE.  His main research interests relate to the design and evaluation of environmental policy instruments, with particular emphasis on permit trading schemes and negotiated agreements.  He has acted as an advisor to DETR and to the Environment Agency on the application of permit trading in a number of policy areas, and was a member of one of the Advisory Groups that worked on the design of the UK greenhouse gas emissions trading scheme.  He is currently working on a review for the OECD of the potential for applying permit trading in the area of solid waste management.  Prior to joining CSERGE, he gained extensive experience of analysis and planning in the commercial sector with one of UK’s leading retailers.

E-mail: r.salmons@ucl.ac.uk

CSERGE Administration


Janet Roddy is the CSERGE administrator.

E-mail: j.roddy@ucl.ac.uk


Visiting Fellows


Dr. Mitsuyasu Yabe is a visiting scholar at CSERGE as of March 2001. He is a senior researcher at the Policy Research Institute, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (PRIMAFF) in Japan. His main research has been (1) economic valuation of non-market goods (biodiversity, amenity, groundwater, and municipal waste, etc.), (2) the theoretical analysis of agro-environmental policy and (3) farm management analysis for sustainable agriculture. Ongoing research projects include public acceptance of GMOs, recycle of organic waste, and multi-functionality of agriculture in Japan and Asian countries. He has also worked as an expert on multi-functionality of agriculture for the OECD and ASEAN-Japan Project.

E-mail: m.yabe@ucl.ac.uk






Jeremy Warford is Visiting Professor in Environmental Economics. He has a PhD in economics from the University of Manchester, and has spent most of his career in international development, primarily with the World Bank, where his last position was Senior Adviser in the Environment Department. Since leaving the World Bank he has had consulting assignments with numerous development institutions, including the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, DFID, UNIDO, Japan International Cooperation Agency, Japan Bank for International Cooperation, Japan Ministry of Environment, and the China Council for International Co-operation on Environment and Development (CCICED). He is also a Board member of the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED).

E-mail: jeremywarford@cs.com



Dong Hong is a visiting scholar at CSERGE-Economics till October 2003. She has a PhD in economics and is a lecturer in the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) in P.R.China. Her main research has been on trade and environment,
agro-environmental policy, international trade theory, and open economy and macroeconomics. She also works as an academic fellow fro the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development (CCICED).

E-mail: dh_prc@hotmail.com


Marianne Penker
is a visiting scholar at CSERGE-Economics till end of July 2003. She has a PhD in agricultural economics and is a lecturer at the University of Agricultural Sciences Vienna (BOKU) in Austria. She also teaches at the Free University of Bozen - Bolzano in Italy. Her work has focussed on rural development, economics of biodiversity and nature conservation, impacts of economic activities and institutions on landscape development, linking economic development and biodiversity preservation, and agri-environmental policies.

E-mail: uctpmap@ucl.ac.uk