CSERGE-UCL was a research centre based in the Department of Economics at UCL from 1991-2001. It was directed by the late Professor David Pearce OBE,  and had a broad and influential programme of research on the economics of environmental policy in both the developed and the developing world. The main focus of attention was on the economic valuation of environmental assets and services, the economic valuation of cultural assets, bio-economics - the economics of biological diversity, the economics of water resources, and the design of economic incentives for environmental management.


CSERGE-UCL was established as part of a joint research venture between University College London and the University of East Anglia, and was core-funded by ESRC with a major 10-year grant. With the completion of the ERSC funding, CSERGE-UCL closed, and this site now provides an archive of information on the research activities and achievements of the centre.


The Economics Department at UCL continues to be active in teaching and research in the field of Environmental and Resource Economics. The Department offers a highly-regarded MSc programme in Environmental and Resource Economics, founded in 1990 by Professor David Pearce as the first advanced teaching programme of its kind in Europe. This one-year programme provides high-level but practically-focused economics training in environmental and resource economics, and graduates of the programme today work as environmental economists in government departments, environmental agencies, international organisations, research institutes, consultancies and other organsiations in many countries.